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2nd Half of 2012 Saw Increased Property Sales

By Belinda McGuire

Those who are looking to sell property in Rowville may be interested to hear that statistics have found the latter half of 2012 saw an increase in property transactions.

There were 389,069 sales of homes and units across last year, with a 7.6 per cent rise in sales over the final six months of 2012, according to RP Data.

Capital cities saw the majority of Australia's real estate sales, with 65.9 per cent of all transactions taking place in the capital city regions.

Of all properties that changed hands, 74.2 per cent were houses, equalling the highest proportion since 2005.

RP Data's Cameron Kusher explained that the majority of sales have taken place in the most populated cities.

"As I mentioned previously, 65.9 per cent of all house and unit sales across the country throughout 2012 were in a capital city market," he said.

"Across these cities, 29.7 per cent of all capital city sales were in Sydney followed by 27.1 per cent in Melbourne, 15.1 per cent in Brisbane, 15 per cent in Perth and 7.8 per cent in Adelaide."

Mr Kusher added that the improvement of 2012 was encouraging, with the results in line with increasing real estate values.

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