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How to take climate action in your home

By Anton Mathew

Here are some changes to your daily routines that can make a big difference to climate change. The choice to be more sustainable can be beneficial to your environment.


Food waste in households takes up most of our bins; every meal we prep and cook, there is always waste. A compost bin next to your regular bins will remind you to place food scraps in that big rather than the regular one.

If you don’t have a garden to dispose of your compost on, community gardens take compost or even ask your neighbours!


Almost everything you have at home can be recycled, newspaper, cans, paper, glass and even plastic.

There are even companies where you can drop off batteries, makeup or office waste, and they will dispose of it appropriately.

Look at your energy supply.

If you’re able to swap your light bulbs to LED ones; they’re 85 per cent more energy-efficient and are more cost-effective.

Power being left on whilst it isn’t being used could be costing you money without even realising it, it is important to switch off appliances, lights and devices when you’re not using them.

Installing solar panels can reduce your emissions and save you money. They are becoming more affordable and sustainable.

Buy less and get second-hand.

DIY projects are always fun and can save you lots of money. Buying second-hand items also stops a lot of furniture, clothing and other things from going to waste.

Buying items from antique shops, garage sales and websites like Facebook marketplace and gumtree help reduce our environmental footprint and save you money.

Shop locally

To reduce your environmental impact, source food and products from local growers and makers. Straight away, you’re reducing emissions in transport travelling to larger supermarkets and, therefore your environmental footprint. Locally grown food is often fresher, healthier and tastier. It also requires less energy and materials to grow.

Bringing your own bags when grocery shopping and avoiding plastic ones is also a small change that has a significant impact.

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