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Knox locals offered free energy saving devices

By Belinda McGuire

Those who own real estate in the city of Knox and are keen to reduce their energy consumption may be interested to know that the local council can assist in making this happen.

Knox City Council has partnered with Low Energy Supplies and Services (LESS), whereby locals can have energy saving devices installed in their properties free of charge.

Such devices include compact fluorescent lights, weather-sealing products, water-saving showerheads and standby devices for electronic equipment such as computers and televisions. Incidentally, rebates are on offer for LED televisions that are energy efficient.

Councillor and Knox mayor Karen Orpen said she is excited about this initiative..

"This program makes it easy for residents to save money on their energy bills, while also helping our environment.

"With all products and installation for free, it's the perfect way to reduce costs in the home and create ongoing savings."

If residents wish to find out what else they are eligible for, then they can call 1300 781 99.

The council has advised locals of other steps they can take to reduce their energy consumption, such as replacing seals in the doors and windows that are allowing hot or cold air to escape from the house.

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