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5 Interior Design Tricks for Making Your Home Appear Spacious to Buyers

By Anton Mathew

It’s not the creative description about your home that will sell it to potential buyers or convince someone to sign a lease. It’s the in-person visits! When accompanying your real estate agent Rowville property buyers or renters want to see in person how your space will meet their needs and be a sound investment.

You can’t guess at everyone’s unique needs but here’s one factor that almost anyone sees as an asset: space. If you can make your home seem as spacious as possible, you’re increasing the chances of a fast sale—and even a higher offer.

How do you get this right?

It’s All About Colour!

Any estate agent will tell you that a new coat of paint is an excellent way to impress because it’s a small investment that makes a huge difference. The house will seem newer and cleaner. But be careful when picking out colours because it affects one’s perception of the rooms. Soft colours in light tones—rather than dark and bright—will make a space seem more open.

In addition, pick a neutral palette that can easily match with almost any décor. It will make it easier for others to imagine their furniture there. Also, there will be no dread of having to paint when they move in that could prevent them from signing the offer.

Time to Declutter

Another aspect that can prevent a room from feeling open and airy is having too much ‘stuff’ inside. When you’re moving out for someone to buy or lease the property, see it as the ideal opportunity to declutter and enjoy the liberating feeling of letting go of possessions. And when you move into your new home, you’ll only have what you really need, so cupboards won’t be packed with unnecessary items—again.

A few handy guidelines to help you decide what to throw away or sell:

  • If an item hasn’t been used for six months, chances are you’ll never use it again.
  • Consider each appliance and sell outdated ones that draw much more power than newer models. You’ll make money from selling them and save money by using the latest models.

Now, to speed up the sale of the property, try finding storage for loose items in cupboards or on shelves, rather than having random objects on surfaces. The uncluttered, minimalistic look will seem much more spacious to buyers.

Decluttering can also help the potential buyer visualise their own items in the space.

Make Any and All Light Work for You

The more light you can have entering a room, the bigger it will seem. You can work with artificial lighting and find ways to introduce more natural light. The feature will add value to the home and with modern lighting designs, you can use light to transform almost any dark corner.

Mirrors and Glass

An innovative way to make light work to your benefit is by reflecting it around the room. Without adding clutter, position décor items like vases or mirrors so they help channel light throughout your spaces.

The transparency of glass also helps add to the illusion of having more space. For example, exchanging a heavy wooden coffee table for a transparent glass one can make a lounge feel bigger and less cluttered, simply because buyers are seeing more floor space.

Tip: if you aren’t able to swap out an entire wooden table, simply position simple decorative items that have a mirror effect.

Picking Out Furniture and Decor

You may need to rethink furniture in some rooms. Consider putting some items in storage and only keep simple, large pieces to display. For example, one large sofa is better than having multiple chairs that add to the clutter.

Try having a focal point in a room and making sure it draws all the attention. This can be a piece of furniture or a feature wall. With fewer distracting items throughout the rest of the room, this is another way you can create an uncluttered feel.

For more advice on getting your preparing your property for sale, talk to the experts at Ray White Rowville. We’re the real estate agent locals can trust and we’re just a call away – (03) 9756 5900.

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