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Residents Urged to be Energy Efficient

By Belinda McGuire

Owners of real estate in the City of Knox are entitled to receive free energy-saving devices from the local council, as well as being advised on approaches to saving power around the home.

There are a number of ways that a house can reduce its energy consumption, including ensuring it has good insulation, that draughts are sealed and windows are well fitted.

Doors to rooms such as bathrooms should be closed so that main living areas being kept warm don't lose heat to areas that are not being used. Similarly, heaters should be turned off when everyone is out of the house.

Homeowners should also replace older appliances with products that have a high energy-saving rating, helping both the environment and lower bills.

Keep the hot cooking to a minimum on warm days, so that you are not tempted to waste air-conditioning to cool down the room.

Other tips include only putting on a clothes wash if the machine is full.

The council is offering free water-saving showerheads, rebates for energy efficient LED televisions, draft and weather-sealing products, fluorescent lights and a power control device to switch off televisions and computers automatically.

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