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4 Tips for Renters from a Property Management Company

By Anton Mathew

As one of Rowville’s top property management companies, we want to help you be a smart tenant who knows their rights. A bit of insight can make the rental experience better for you and everyone involved.

Finding Your New Home—Top Tips

Finding a place to rent can come with its own challenges but remember that these days technology can be extremely helpful. Go online to find the best property for your needs – you can look at our recently listed rentals online at any time.

You will need to be approved when renting, so make it easier on yourself by looking in the correct price range. In many cases, the rent amount shouldn’t be more than 30% of what you can prove as your household income. Rather look in a more affordable bracket to lower the chances of being rejected.

In terms of references, don’t be too stressed if you don’t have any rental history. So long as you can provide sufficient proof of your current ability to pay the rent, most agents and landlords will still consider your application.

Know Your Rights

You’ll be using someone’s else’s property but that doesn’t leave you without some rights to protect your interests. A good start is to take time before you sign the lease for the following:

  • Make sure anything the landlord promised verbally is also stated in writing.
  • Understand rights and limits to using the property, for example, the maximum number of people who may use your rented space. You may have family that want to stay with you in future.
  • Have clarity about details like maintenance responsibilities and what kind of pets are allowed.

Furthermore, did you know you can take out renters’ insurance? This can protect your interests in the event of damage or loss of your belongings on the property.

A practical tip is to also take pictures of the property when you move in, showing its condition. When you move out there can’t be any disagreements about wear and tear or damage to the property. The images will show exactly what the landlord provided initially.

Be the Perfect Tenant—to Everybody’s Benefit

If you’re a good tenant, you can enjoy many long term benefits. Your current landlord may decide not to increase your rent next year, in the hope that his or her good tenant won’t move out. Also, when you do need to move elsewhere you can be certain of a good reference, so you don’t lose out on a good future rental.

What makes a good tenant?

  • Pay on time or at least warn your landlord or property manager ahead of time when circumstances result in a late payment.
  • Look after the place as if it’s your own and don’t allow guests to cause damage, just because it’s not yours. Even discuss improvements with the landlord or leasing agent. If it adds value, you may not have to cover all the expenses and you’ll have the benefit of enjoying it.
  • Landlords can do property checks, so clean your space regularly in order to prevent grime and build-up. You don’t want your landlord to lose trust in you and start looking for reasons to kick you out.
  • If there’s a maintenance problem which will be for the landlord’s maintenance bill, inform them of the problem as soon as possible. Limit unnecessary damage due to water or other problems, so the landlord doesn’t have an excuse to charge you for the expense.
  • Look for ways in which you can protect your landlord’s asset. Even something as simple as fabric pads under the legs of heavy furniture to protect the flooring.

Moving Out Must Dos

When it’s time to move out, make sure you get a good reference for the future by cleaning the place properly before you go. In many cases, this courtesy may result in your full deposit being paid back to you, instead of being charged for small damages the landlord notices once you’re gone.

Last Words

Your rental space should be your haven and part of that is having a good relationship with your rental agent or landlord.

For more tips or to find out about available rentals in Rowville, speak to Ray White, the leasing agent Rowville locals trust. Call us on (03) 9756 5900.

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